Date a White Guy

by Halima Sal-Anderson

Are you a Black Woman who has decided to get serious about dating and marriage?

If so then keep reading as I am about to share some truths with you…

Dear Halima

I am a 35 year old black woman and I have noticed that at work all my female colleagues of other races have families and steady relationships and many have 2-3 kids to their name, yet when I look at the black women they are almost all single. Why is this the case?

My Response

As modern black women, we have many reasons to be grateful. We have freedom and opportunities that past generations could only dream of. However in some areas black women have trials. Without doubt, the area of relationships is one of the most trying!

Unless you have been living ‘out of the area’ you would have heard the constant complaint of black women of how hard it is to find themselves men and get into relationships.

In fact recent statistics have placed 70% of Black women of marriageable age in the single category and this has formed the basis for a talk show discussion on Oprah. In churches gender ratios reflect an even more dire situation.  

Black women are increasingly dealing with the effects of a drop in the numbers of their 'traditional' pool of men for a variety of reasons. However many bw have failed to recognise this and understand that their dating scene has undergone other critical changes in as little as a generation. Many continue working with the ‘old’ set of assumptions, and this will continue to frustrate them in their attempts to date and marry!

Other Black women females might have sensed that things have changed, but are at a real dilemma as to how to legitimately solve the problem as below...

Dear Halima

As a bw who is interested in settling down someday soon, Interracial dating has come up for consideration but the truth is that I am not really into all that!

My Response

I think your particular comment sums up the sentiments of loads of black women out there, and while it remains black women's prerogative to say, 'no thanks' to the idea, the problem still remains, how will they solve their dating crisis at this point?

But supposing you had the opportunity of exploring the interracial option, without any pressure to 'date out', you know like in a private ‘test drive’ kind of way, and by so doing, give yourself  ample ‘space’ to make up your own mind either way?

At this point I would like to introduce to you to the book that I designed to help you do just that; explore the topic of interracial dating at your own pace and in a very risk free manner. You are in essence taking a guided tour of Interracial Relationships from the comfort of your room. My book is titled "Supposing I wanted to date a White Guy…?" {It comes in an E-book format}

But Halima,

I feel very uncomfortable and conflicted even thinking and talking about this issue. Isn’t this a betrayal of my race!

My Response

To this I will say, I often get a chance to tell black women that the greatest problem regarding relationships is them not letting themselves hear out the whole debate about 'casting a wider dating net' but making decisions from the limited information they have been given about the whole issue!

It is indeed ‘ wise’ to hear out the whole discussion before one dismisses an issue (even if this calls for bravery, pushing beyond your comfort zone and confronting a number of taboo issues)!

But read on…


Why would I need a book exploring interracial relationships? I think I know my own mind about this.

My Response

I agree that black women tend to have strong views about interracial dating, however as I started to say in response to the last question, bw are often given only half the truth and misdirected quite a bit, not just about the interracial option but also about the same race option and this needs to ratified!

‘Why are black women misinformed’ you ask, well this book will lay it all bear but let me say briefly, if you have ever come across the term, 'Misleading the Jury', you will understand that people can arrive at an 'erroneous' conclusion because of the type of information they were fed to start with. This is the case with a significant portion of black women, we are not being well informed about the whole interracial/same race dating issue that we arrive at conclusions that put us at a grave disadvantage.

"Supposing I wanted to date a White Guy…?" will enable you understand why many bw are ending up with the short end of the stick, so you don’t too!

Yes I can truly say that this book is unique. It totally ‘levels’ with black women like no other book before it, and at this point, black women deserve answers, then they will create an effective 'strategy' for getting the relationships they want!

And it could be so easy!

May I add here that many of you reading this would have noticed that whenever black women complain about the hardship they experience in finding a man, the stock answer remains, 'Adjust your attitude.' This is simply an unsupportive and unsympathetic approach by those who have no answers to this key crisis for bw, but in this book you will not be fobbed off!  


I can see this book will leave me sad and despairing…

My Response

This is not likely, because there is a strong theme of 'hope' and 'possibility' running through this work. And the feed back I have been receiving testifies to this books liberating theme.  With all indications, it should leave you unfettered in your pursuit of the right relationship for you, whether this be solely in the race or wider.

Here is just one of the many testimonials sent in by readers:

The liberation I felt from reading the Book was mostly about being free to choose my own destiny and not being as worried about peoples thoughts of me. This includes the way I talk, dress, what I eat etc. When I first picked up the book I was almost shaking and I had intense fear in my gut. Glad for liberation thats for sure! - Tp

I know that it can be scary for black women to take responsibility for their own personal happiness but it becomes necessary at this point. You could join thousands of black women who have found their minds freed up to all the possibilities of relationship out there.

"Supposing I wanted to date a White Guy…?" comes out of painstaking and detailed work. I have investigated this subject for close to a decade and 7 years of intense research and interviews have gone into it. My work has even been cited and featured on major media networks including CNN, USA Today, MSNBC and Guardian Newspapers, London.

Dear Halima

I am a white male what can this book do for me?

My Response

Many white men have written to me that this book has enabled them gain a better perspective on black women's minds on the subject of interracial dating and how they can succesfully approach interracial dating. You could also benefit from a tip sheet which is available on request if you email me at with your receipt number for the book.

So there it is, you get a two phased book that first explores interracial dating and then takes you step by step into one. And I insist on keeping the price reasonable so that as many black women as possible can have the opportunity to own it. It can even make the most thoughtful of gifts if you want to buy a meaningful present for any of your friends who needs to know. What can beat that for a birthday/seasonal present?

Some of the themes covered

Under exploring interracial relationships generally

You and interracial dating

and many more…..

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